Destroying Silo Mentality

Mentalistas silo according is a mental when the department or a particular sector does not want to share information with other people or other departments in the same company.

Disebakan by mental situation silo is avoided and the cause of poor communication between departments or other sectors of the company.

Then, why this continues to happen? What should be done to stop it?

Destroying Silo Mentality

  • Focus on customers.

The important thing is to stay close to the customers of your product or service and learn how you feel like losing, meet or do things that exceed their expectations. To do this, You have to bring people together so that they begin to understand the interrelationships between departments and their impact on customer.

  • sharing information.

By sharing information across the enterprise and deliver it into the hands of those who have an impact on customers, this will prevent the accumulation of information and improve cooperation. You can make the company better and stronger, which will serve customers better. You will see a lot of people who are actively involved in doing so.

  • Creating an atmosphere of cooperation, team work, trust and open communication.

Develop cross-functional team is a great way to make this happen. By way of gathering people from all points of view, level, divisions and locations that are relevant, who are committed to change the way they operate and regular departmental meetings. Make sure you include key players in it, because if they go out they can block change.

  • Getting people to see things from another perspective.

This can be done by rotating employees in various jobs around the company. Ask the managers of other departments to visit your team meetings, even make them members of a group as you work through a mutually beneficial business.

  • Connecting all touchpoints and channels you.

Touchpoint is a method used by companies to interact with customers. By connecting all touchpoints and channels, then all those who deal with customers have accurate information, timely and relevant information about the customer so they can make the right decisions, at the appropriate time, the correct channel. Only by having integrated channels, You can get a complete picture of the customer and can communicate with them in one voice.

  • Appreciation cooperation.

If you provide a reward system based on individual merit, then change also the award based on cooperation. Recognize and give awards to those who work between departments and share their story to the rest of the company's departments.

  • Change the way of measuring success.

last, how to destroy the silo mentality is changing how you measure success and align the company's KPIs across departments. We all know what is being measured. Each employee and manager is measured, be valued, and given a bonus in terms of delivering successful customer outcomes, that is the focus of attention.

Actions to destroy the existing silo, not easy. It took in the long term for the company to remain competitive and profitable.

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