4 Leadership Challenges To Overcome Once And For All

4 Leadership Challenges To Overcome Once And For All

The existence of a challenge will make you become “grow” or become more mature and professional and thoughtful mengahadapinya. The challenges of uncertainty and the beauty of the uncertainty in supply 2 case. First, You can only find the clarity of uncertainty. Second, Uncertainty gives opportunity – opportunity to take this newfound clarity and turn it into something that can be managed, something important and something that will make you better.

So, with the value of the challenges outlined above, let's talk about four (4) leadership challenge. however, An important component to overcoming the challenges – whether it is the challenge of leadership, team challenge, family or personal challenges – is to become aware of it.

These are the four leadership challenges that must be overcome once and for all :

  1. Doing things “easy”.

    Have you ever wondered how an easy option in life can make you worry? For example, kYour ethics avoid difficult conversations with colleagues because they feel uncomfortable; the problem persists and life becomes more difficult. Another example, when you choose not to collaborate with the junior team or educate members so that they can solve the problem simply because you feel it would be faster if you do own. You feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the task, and life becomes increasingly difficult.

    Options such easy-easy indeed-but it could also create difficulties. Leaders who choose the easy actions like that because they feel uncomfortable with themselves or they do not adopt the characteristics of a great leader is to make a difficult decision.

  2. The shift from me to us.

    Individual (“I”) has always been the main focus in western culture. There is a picture of an ideal leader, individuals who are “great” so that they inspire, they change and they motivate others to achieve great things. however, although correct someone must spin the wheel, maintaining momentum would not have happened without the collective efforts of many people. In the Internet world everything (I do), You can not be part of a larger system. Companies that divide their functions into the silo will face recurring challenges in communication and decision-making that will not disappear until the people of the individual silo (“I”) learn how to cross-pollination, share information and conform to the common goal, where they realize that “We” stronger than “I”. Team performance drive business performance, so forget “I”. Focus on “we”.

  3. Bribery “action Addiction”.

    Leadership challenge here is not just to make a mental shift from “I” The “we” but also away from the action of addiction. The cause of addiction is the action of dopamine, neurotransmitters in the brain that activates reward-based behavior. So, when you perform an action and a sense of pride, power, security, reception, approval or “case” Another motivates you, You also get a nice punch dopamine that makes you feel good. Try repeating the same behavior for one day, weeks or months and you begin to see how these actions will turn into addiction.

    The emphasis here is easier to focus on tactical rather than strategic. Because you know how much work you have done in your project and it feels you have accomplished something. Tactical behavior such as answering email, work on the presentation or hold meetings to get immediate feedback. So, do not confuse being busy with being productive.

  4. Priority conflict.

    One of the biggest challenges facing Leader- and anyone- is finding the time to finish all they need. The problem, when you really distill, it is not the time but that's the problem. Time has not changed. We all have the same amount of time in a day, but some people can easily produce more and manage more.

    She “everything” it is important, no problem. If the XYZ project continues to be placed on the back burner then there may be reason. It is not a priority. So, note your decision and looking for patterns. What continues to be encouraged or avoided? What is the reason? For the Leader optimize the effectiveness of their own that they need to focus on whether they can give effect (change) and influence (influence). Focusing on something a bit is less than optimal, and wasting time.

Then, What are the challenges your leadership?

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