Facing Tips boss Galak

Should a boss capable of guiding karywannya to be developed in the field and be successful. But, if you are faced with having a fierce boss, What are you doing? Whether to resign from your current job as well although it is the job you prefer? Do not give up just yet! Try to follow these tips, who knows you even so employees are favored by your boss 🙂
Facing Tips boss Galak

  1. Are you sure your boss is the worst boss?
    Do not judge your boss is incompetent if you ever see him do wrong. Moreover, you are not sure it's true or not. Is your boss is bad or not? It also have to make sure what made him become a bad boss. Is not good personality? Or based as employees who could not he believe?
  2. Do not let your boss attitude affect your work
    You have to stay focused to complete your work even if your boss is always fierce against you. Lest you be affected, emotion that ultimately you are constantly thinking about it so that your work is not finished.
  3. Take the motivation of your boss grumpy attitude
    Is your boss is grumpy or to be respected by employees, You should look for tahunya. By knowing what his motivation had, It could also help you in your job.
  4. Make a note of all matters relating to your boss
    Things to relate here the point is in terms of the work he'd done to you. If your boss asked to prepare a document, then make sure you write them down. Therefore, Your boss will never be able to avoid if he tells or does not tell you to do something. Also can make you look professional because you will not forget anything he pleaded.
  5. Being one step ahead of your boss
    You as an employee must have memorized will habit. For example, the habit of asking your boss on the hour schedule 10 morning, then try to direct you tell her before she asks you. Therefore, he will be amazed at the initiative and who you know you can change the attitude of his fierce.
  6. Be like the group leader
    Take control of every meeting, Show that you are someone who is competent and dependable in your own field. Convince your boss that of all employees, You're the most have the potential to advance the company.
  7. Identifying the triggers of your boss gruffness
    We recommend that you find out first why he could segalak it. You might be able to find out through other employees who work longer with him who knows to know why he has a fierce nature. By knowing the reason, You will be able to put how you behave in front of him and not do anything that could add spark fury.
  8. Reaffirmed the request from your boss
    If your boss asks for emailing the party A, then repeat what he said. Do this almost every condition he asks you. With a definite confirmation, can minimize mistakes you make. Remember, Your boss is the type of boss who grumpy, it means that you must not guilty no matter how small it is.
  9. Consultation on your Shenir in office
    You need to ask a senior in the office of his nature. If senior you feel overwhelmed and could not any longer endure, then you can devise a plan to do in the future. But if you say this senior is so common that they can be overcome, it means that you only need extra patience to adapt to the boss There's gruffness.
  10. Trying to be a model employee and not carried away
    Do you provoked emotions when your boss angry. You also do not respond to the task with no maximum. You must remain a model employee who MINISTER against any nagging. Work is also a learning process, so make sure you receive all the lessons well for the good of yourself.
  11. Waiting for the right moment whether you survive the ferocity boss constantly or not
    If a lot of your colleagues who have given up with the attitude of your boss, it is advisable to wait a little longer to see if it survived continuous or not. If not, then you do not need to go but still doing fine. But if the attitude of your boss is not getting better but getting worse, do not hesitate to go. You do not need to serve someone who does not respect you.


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