How to Resolved Ticket

Every ticket has been created, either created for yourself or for your Users; must be resolved. Here is a tutorial how to resolved the ticket (simple ticket) :

  • Open Track2Ticket application and sign in with your Google account.

sign in button track2ticket

  • Click on the Tickets menu.

  • Select one ticket to be working.

  • Click on the button “Depart” before you go to the destination.

  • Once you arrive at the destination, click on the button “Arrive”.

on the way page track2ticket

  • Take a picture to signify you that you've been on location.

take photo arrived track2ticket

  • Then click on the checklist button to save your picture.

take photo track2ticket

  • Click the OK button to end the process of settlement of ticket.

How to Resolved Ticket

Have you tired to check where is your people’s position? Or have you confused to whom you will assign the job? We suggest you to use Track2Ticket application. Track2Ticket is a application based on Android to tracking your people location/s, position and your job/s status. All of job/s that you create to finish them, we call is ticket. You can create your job and or assign ticket for your User. User is people who you invite to assign the ticket and tracking them. After they are accepted your request, they will be your User. You can see your self timeline and or your User timeline. Create ticket with schedule for yourself and or for them. You get all notifications from track2ticket to your device. Also you will know how long your people to finish the activity. There are Places feature to pointing some places that you recognize. If you do not want tracked by a Tracker, you can set Track to off. You must attach a photo or video as proof that you have arrived at the location. You will get notification in range radius a place that was set by your User.