Invite User in Track2Ticket Application

Invite User in Track2Ticket Application

Inviting someone become your User in Track2Ticket application is easy. Here, step by step to invite User in Track2Ticket application :

  • Open the Track2Ticket application from your android device.
  • Sign into Track2Ticket application with your Google account.

sign in button track2ticket

  • Go to the menu Track.

  • Pilih menu Invite User To Tracking.

invite user track2ticket

  • Type the email address people that who you will invite and then click Ok.

email invite user track2ticket

  • Your request have been sent to the people email.

info invite user track2ticket

  • The people will be your User after your request accepted.

  • Now, you can create the ticket or tracking your User.
Have you tired to check where is your people’s position? Or have you confused to whom you will assign the job? We suggest you to use Track2Ticket application. Track2Ticket is a application based on Android to tracking your people location/s, position and your job/s status. All of job/s that you create to finish them, we call is ticket. You can create your job and or assign ticket for your User. User is people who you invite to assign the ticket and tracking them. After they are accepted your request, they will be your User. You can see your self timeline and or your User timeline. Create ticket with schedule for yourself and or for them. You get all notifications from track2ticket to your device. Also you will know how long your people to finish the activity. There are Places feature to pointing some places that you recognize.